Hot Sex and Feedback

I have been thinking a lot about mutual satisfaction recently.
After such a long time away from sex work, I’m very much enjoying my return. I have met some lovely gentlemen and had some great sex and yet, something has been niggling away at me. 
And I think what it comes down to is the ad hoc nature of feedback. 
I am used to reflecting on my work a lot. Particularly in direct service social work, supervision is a space where I can untangle my interactions, consider what I bring to the relationship and explore how effective the work my clients and I are doing together is.
I miss that in sex work!
It’s one thing to hug and kiss goodbye and be told that you had a wonderful time. 
It’s another entirely to unpack what worked well, what didn’t, and what might work better next time – if there are small things you would change to improve your experience. Perhaps I can’t accommodate them – but perhaps I can. We won’t know unless we discuss it. 
This is hard to do when time is short, and you’ve just met each other. And yet, I want to both enjoy myself, but also know with 100% certainty that I am meeting your needs. I’m a hopeless over-achiever – the idea of anyone being less than thrilled is abhorrent to me. Which is why I love it when you contact me via my website, and fill in a little information about yourself – particularly what you are wanting from our time together. 
It’s also why it is important that you read my information, to make sure the service I provide is what you are seeking! 
I’m going to talk to you like I would any person I’ve just met. Except with the knowledge that we’re going to fuck, and hopefully we’ll both enjoy ourselves and be comfortable asking for what we want. More of something, less of something, harder, slower? If you’re thinking it, I want to know about it! I am obsessed more than most with doing everything well. 
So consider this an invitation to be open with me about your experiences. And you can rest assured that I will likewise direct you around what I enjoy and what is not working for me. 
At the end of the day, I want a respectful experience that honours our individuality, and allows us to explore exciting and passionate sex within that context. If that is you too, you are the man/woman I want in my bed! And due to severely limited time (I only accept 2-3 bookings a week), these are the bookings and clients I try to accommodate.
I want hot sex, but I want us to just be our normal, individual selves at the same time. I don’t have a ‘work persona’, for better or for worse. I’m just me, and wanna meet the real you. 
Ellie xox