Writing Sex

Did you know that I write erotic thrillers and erotic short stories?

I have just started a blog on my author page, and am now trying to keep up blogs, Facebook, Twitter and my personal life across a confusing number of platforms. If you see me post something on Ellie’s Twitter about when to expect my next release, you can probably assume I’ve become confused as to which name I’m writing under (generally, releases of the orgasmic variety are likely to be much sooner and somewhat less date-specific 😂).

But I digress! I have been thinking a lot this week about why I write the things I do, while still mulling over how much to ‘come out’ regarding sex work. The more back in to the swing of it I feel, the more proud of myself and my community I feel, and the more certain I feel that this is what I want to be doing for a long time. Alongside writing.

And yet, they’ve both converged around the same thing: sex.

To be honest, when I first started writing to publish as a conscious effort (rather than writing for my own pleasure), I was wanting to jump on the ’50 Shades’ bandwagon and make some money.

Don’t get me wrong – writing sex scenes is A LOT OF FUN. I have had to pull down my blinds countless times to pleasure myself (without the neighbours peering in) while writing some sexy scene and feeling deliciously hot and bothered by my own hand (so to speak…). It’s allowed my imagination to roam into all sorts of interesting places. But I started with it being a business idea, rather than a pleasurable idea.

Though my short erotica is very well-received, writing to market with my full-length novels hasn’t worked out that well for me. Darker themes creep in (there’s social work just raising it’s hand, saying ‘a-hem! I’m a good career too! Don’t forget about me!’) and my HEA’s leave a bit to be desired for the genre (maybe not seven, but at least a few types of ambiguity…). And I’ve embraced that. I’m leaning towards thrillers, or mysteries at least…with a much more niche market.


So I’ve been thinking about being drawn to sex – to sex work, to sex writing, to exploring my own sexual interests – and why that is such a strong pull for me.
I don’t have an answer yet – but in the meantime – and here’s the


I have decided to offer this as an off-shoot service!
Have a fantasy you’d like worked in to a well-written story?
Or maybe you’d like to hear/watch me reading out one of my sex scenes while playing with myself?
Or maybe you’d just like some custom content in your inbox, because we’re unlikely to be in the same city for a while?

I’m super-excited about this!!
PM me for details.

Love, Ellie