Brene Brown writes about this in a lot of her work – how we are all connected to each other. I’ve been thinking about that a lot these last few days, and to be honest, feeling pretty bummed out by the world. 

At first, it seemed like there’d be rules for the elite and rules for the rest of us, re the Grand Prix going ahead. And even though it was cancelled eventually, my understanding of it was that was because the drivers opted out, not because our government showed any leadership in handling the crisis.

Then you layer that on top of the way the Liberal government has been eroding worker rights and safety nets, so that now, in this crisis, of COURSE casual and low paid workers aren’t going to self-isolate if they don’t feel well—they mightn’t make rent if they do that. And as the whole country considers the possibility of grinding to a halt, I wonder if they (our conservative government) might think differently about the little people who get shit done.

It’s hard not to feel defeated—people with a lot more power and a lot more resources than me don’t seem to care about the average Australian. Add in a few personal issues of my own, and the madness of people fighting over toilet paper, and the world can look too big, too hard, too stacked.

And yet.

And yet.

My peers message about what they can do if one of us is quarantined.

I am reminded over and over that sex workers are the best people. They get that we all belong to each other, inherently. They don’t need a lesson; they understand it experientially.

People who have endured hardship, stigma, trauma, grief can often have the biggest hearts.

Thank you for supporting sex workers. This is going to be a hard time for many. In light of all this, I ‘came out’ to my broader networks today. Not in a big way. I just updated my FB profile to reflect my current occupations. It comes hard on the heels of ambivalence about being face out—my civvie job may require travel to the US this year, and I just don’t know. I don’t know if I’m being too blase about the repercussions. 

But also, I’m so fucking proud.

Now I’m off to read Man’s Search for Meaning, cause I need someone to share their meaning-making thoughts with me today.  

Stay safe.

Love, Ellie xxx

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