luxury companion melbourne

Where do we meet?

In Melbourne, I can meet you at your hotel, your home or at a dinner location. If you need help finding a place to meet, please ask and I can assist you.

On tour, I offer incalls and will provide a discreet and stylish apartment where we can relax and get to know each other.


Do you share my details with anyone?

Absolutely not. I am 100% independent and no-one has access to my phone or emails.


Why do you need my name, phone number and/or email?

For my safety. Though most clients are good guys, sex workers are particularly vulnerable to those who are not. Screening potential clients is not negotiable for me. I understand your concerns about your privacy, but rest assured, your information is safe with me. My ongoing work depends upon my discretion. Information is only used for screening purposes (unless a crime is committed against me).


Do you enjoy your job? 

Yes! I worked as an escort while studying for my first degree (criminology). I then did a second degree and have worked in the helping professions and as a writer for many years, but recently have been feeling stuck and dissatisfied. Deciding to return to sex work has made me really happy. I like people (in small doses! You won’t find me being the life of the party…or even at the party! I really like engaging with people one-on-one, even with my closest friends) and I love the interesting people I get to meet doing this work. I love getting dressed up in beautiful lingerie and make-up, which I rarely have the opportunity for in my everyday life, being mum to two small, messy little people. The anticipation of meeting someone new, or reconnecting with a valued client, is a buzz. 


What sort of dates do you enjoy?

I love all sorts of different dates.

Sometimes I love longer dates with respectful gentlemen who appreciate good conversation as well as good sex. I enjoy getting to know you as a person and offering my excellent companionship, conversation and listening skills as well as my sensual skills. I love it when both my client and I feel nourished both sensually and emotionally, and really value connection.

Other times I love the flare of chemistry and connection which sees us tearing each others clothes off and exploring each other in a primal, lustful frenzy, losing control completely in the moment and the passion.

At the end of the day, I love sex and different things work with different people. I also love to hear what you enjoy! Sexy talk turns me on A LOT….



contact escort Eleanor ColtCan you send me a selfie with your face in it?

No. I choose not to show my face on social media or advertising sites for privacy reasons. If it is important to you to see your escort’s face before booking, please contact a ‘face out’ escort. I have hundreds of selfies on my profile and Twitter from which you can get an idea of what I look like.  


Is your rate negotiable?

No. There are many escorts offering many different services at different rates, and I suggest you search for someone in your desired price range.


Do you see women?

Yes! I am bisexual and love, love, love women 😉


Do you see couples?

No. I prefer engaging with people one-on-one. I’m like this with my friends too, without the shagging! I feel that the connection is better when I can focus solely on you. 


How do I make an appointment?

Like any business arrangement, please get in touch with your name, phone number, time, date and length of your desired booking, and any special requests. For example:

“Hi Ellie! My name is [YOUR NAME]. I am in [YOUR CITY]. I found your ad on [WHERE YOU FOUND ME]. I would like to see you for [X hours] at [PREFERRED TIME] on [PREFERRED DAY]. Thank you.”

I will then call or text you to confirm. Please note that I don’t reply to messages like ‘Hi’, ‘R u available’, etc.

I will respond to you as soon as I can, however, when I am in Melbourne it may take me a couple of hours due to my other commitments.

In Melbourne, I will request a $100 deposit to reserve the time for you. I only accept a limited number of bookings in Melbourne due to other work and family commitments. A deposit demonstrates your commitment to our time together.

Alternatively, I now have an online booking form!


Why did you choose this work?

You can read a more in depth answer to that on my blog here.