“…I am thrilled to sing the praises of such a delightful person. What an absolutely magnificent experience. Ellie is as striking as she is kind, she is as sensuous as she is engaging, she is as smart as she is funny. I really feel fortunate to have connected with Ellie.

There was something special about the way that Ellie presents herself and she instantly stood out from the usual for me. OK, the profile photos are stunning but the more you read into her profile and the, if you have time, her escort diary (blog), the more she reveals herself as an extraordinary individual. I responded and related so much and I felt that we’d known each other forever. This prompted the contact and the chance to feel so comfortable in spending time with her. I am so glad that I did.

As a mid-40’s professional, I’ve often been deflated with the experience of 20-something escorts and some pretty superficial experiences in recent years. I found Ellie was the contrast: she’s the genuine article. She really cares and responded so beautifully to some mutual tenderness.

Time was spent so easily between chat, lunching and intimacy and, without details, Ellie is a caring, attentive, responsive and generous lover; she knows what she likes and (as a horse-rider) probably what you do before you even realised! I left a seemingly rapid three hours feeling so rejuvenated (but careful people, also so e x h a u s t e d. Don’t plan on going back to conduct business that requires any mental alertness or physical demands!)

Can I encourage others that may be looking for a mature, meaningful and liberating experience to consider Ellie? A few weeks wait from making contact to meeting was so enjoyable, if only to build anticipation. Book for as long a date as you can, you won’t regret it.

Thanks so much, Ellie, I have no doubt that we’ll connect again; can’t wait. Chris xo” 

Chris, Melbourne

“I have had the tremendous privilege of having met Eleanor several times now and can testify, she is even more delightful than the images and words on both Scarletblue and her private website suggest.
We have met for coffee where her deep intellect and sharp wit mean conversation flow easily while being both entertaining and challenging. We have discussed our shared interests in all things parenting, our work (we both do creative work, but in distinctively different media), Australian politics and everything in between.
Our private time has always been slow and deliberate as Eleanor stares into my soul with those stunning blue, unflinching eyes of hers. Eleanor knows her body well and has guided me with purposeful focus as her piercing eyes close, then her brow wrinkles with concentration and intent as the pleasure builds within her.

Eleanor also knows a man’s’ body well and has taken me on the journey of anticipation, followed by a seeming never ending cycle of desire and recovery, with the intensity building with every cycle.
For me, Eleanor is an absolutely golden find and we will be seeing each other regularly from now on. I wish I could keep her all to myself, but alas, the nature of our relationship is that I must share her with you.
Go ahead and treat yourself. She is an intelligent, articulate, beautiful, mature and creative lover. Eleanor is also closer to my age than to my childrens’ which makes her a rare find to be cherished.”

Peter, Melbourne

“I’m in Melbourne. I’m alone. I want some company. I contact Ellie.
She arrives, on time. Tall, slim, elegant and beautiful. She looks great, she smells great and she greets me with a warm kiss, full of promise.
We go to my room and we drink a wine. We talk, we laugh, we kiss and we explore our mutual interests. One of which, as it happens, is sex.
And then to bed. The first thing I find is that this girl is not pretending, she really likes this. And she is very good at it. I am cooed, cuddled, coaxed, kissed, stroked, excited and tamed. She surrenders, she whispers in my ear, she urges me, she instructs me and she lets me become who I really am. And even who I want to be. Her legs entwine me, her laugh delights me, her skill thrills me. She finishes me.
I lie on my bed for hours afterwards, thinking of the night and that girl.
Happy. I’ll be back.”

B, Melbourne


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